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GEO TEXTILE (1 MTRX 1 MTR) 300GSM GEO TEXTILE (GEOMEMBRANE)-NON WOVEN 300GSM NON WOVEN GEOTEXTILE(SIZE:1 MTR X 1 MTR) GeoDukan nonwoven geotextiles are manufactured in high standards and available in rolls of various sizes.. It provides excellent filtration and features a strong three-dimensional structure with high elongation. nonwoven geotextiles also have a high melting point and high UV resistance. GeoDukan nonwoven geotextiles have a proven, superior technical performance unmatched in today’s market. It can accommodate irregular deformations and its guaranteed consistency means there is less risk of damage during installation. Installation costs are reduced because there is less overlap wastage. Geofabrics provides project specific advice and construction QA testing for our customers through our technical support and specialist laboratories.

Key Features :

  • SIZE ! Mtr X 1 Mtr
  • 300 GSM

Product Details :

  • Filtration

    GeoDukan nonwoven geotextiles are highly porous, allowing water to pass through while preventing soil migration. When used in revetment and subsoil drainage projects, geotextiles are more cost effective than natural filters

  • Separation

    GeoDukan nonwoven geotextiles are used in the construction of roads, railways and embankments where the ground is soft and unstable. Using a layer of geotextile to separate the soft ground from the fill material will reduce the amount of fill required, increase the life span of the road or rail structure and cut long-term maintenance costs

  • Protection

    Using heavyweight GeoDukan nonwoven geotextiles in landfills extends the life of the lining system by protecting it from punctures and excessive deformation. The geotextile acts as a cushioning and stress relieving layer, minimising the chances of leakage in the long term.

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